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The Committee of Steins;Gate’s Light Novels

Article updated in September 2015, originally written with the help of Default Melody and LordHaruto.

Created by 5pb. and Nitro+, Steins;Gate became a reference among visual novels.

Since it’d be better to make all the fruits drop from the banana tree, the franchise has been adapted in several ways, including light novels.

As there is a lot of Steins;Gate LNs, here is a list of those which have been published as of now.


Rintarou Axis

SteinsGate - UroborosUroboros of the Annular Chain
(円環連鎖のウロボロス – Enkan Rensa no Uroboros)
Author : Choushiro Miwa
Illustrator : huke
Two volumes published by Dragon Book (Fujimi Shobo)

The original story, with two major differences.

SteinsGate - Loving VowsUnderling of Loving Vows
(比翼連理のアンダーリン – Hiyoku Renri no Underling)
Author : Choushiro Miwa
Illustrators : huke, Yasuhiro Ikeda
Three volumes published by Dragon Book (Fujimi Shobo)

Related to Darling of Loving Vows (比翼恋理のだーりん – Hiyoku Renri no Darling), a video game and romantic spin-off of the original VN.

SteinsGate - OctetVariant Space Octet
(変移空間のオクテット – Heni Kuukan no Octet)
Author : Shirou Akatoki (明時 士栄)
Illustrator : huke
Two volumes published by Dragon Book (Fujimi Shobo)

Related to the eponymous 8-bit game, an alternate sequel of the VN’s true end.

SteinsGate - MosaicismLinear Bounded Mosaicism
(線形拘束のモザイシズム – Senkei Kousoku no Mosaicism)
Author : Norimitsu Kaihou
Illustrator : huke
One volume published by Dengeki Bunko (ASCII Media Works)

Related to Linear Bounded Phenogram (線形拘束のフェノグラム – Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram), a video game that is slightly different from the original work.


Kurisu Axis

SteinsGate - ReverseButterfly Effect’s Divergence:Reverse
(蝶翼のダイバージ:Reverse – Chouyoku no Divergence:Reverse)
Metaphysical Necrosis:Reverse
(形而上のネクローシス:Reverse – Keijijou no Necrosis:Reverse)
Boundary Surface of Steins;Gate:Rebirth
(境界面上のシュタインズ・ゲート:Rebirth – Kyoukai Menjou no Steins;Gate:Rebirth)
SteinsGate - IdiomIdiom of the Sextant:Prequel
(六分儀のイディオム:前編 – Rokubungi no Idiom:Zenpen)
Idiom of the Sextant:Sequel
(六分儀のイディオム:後編 – Rokubungi no Idiom:Kouhen)
Author : Kiyomune Miwa
Illustrators : Kyuta Sakai, Fruit Punch
Five volumes published by Sneaker Bunko (Kadokawa)

The beginning of the main story, from Kurisu Makise’s point of view.

SteinsGate - BabelBabel of the Grieved Maze
(哀心迷図のバベル – Aishin Maze no Babel)
Author : Shirou Akatoki (明時 士栄)
Illustrator : huke, Shinichiro Nariie
One volume published by Dragon Book (Fujimi Shobo)

Adaptation of the Alpha Drama CD.

SteinsGate - Déjà VuBurdened Domain of Déjà Vu
(負荷領域のデジャヴ – Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà Vu)
Author : Tatsuya Hamasaki
Illustrators : huke, Kyuta Sakai, bun150
Two volumes published by Kadokawa Shoten (Kadokawa)

Adaptation of the eponymous movie.


Epigraph Trilogy

SteinsGate - Epigraph 1Epigraph of the Closed Curve
(平時曲線のエピグラフ – Heiji Kyokusen no Epigraph)
Pandora of Eternal Return
(永劫回帰のパンドラ – Eigou Kaiki no Pandora)
SteinsGate - Epigraph 2Altair at the Apoapsis of Infinity
(無限遠点のアルタイル – Mugen Enten no Altair)
Author : Masashi Takimoto
Illustrator : huke
Three volumes published by MAGES.

Epigraph and Pandora are set on winter 2010, in the Beta Attractor Field.
Altair focuses on the character of Kagari Shiina.



SteinsGate - AntimatterThe Committee of Antimatter
Author : Choushiro Miwa
Illustrator : Tadasu Yoshida

A sequel set 6 years after the main story.
Postponed to January 2015, it was finally cancelled on December 22, 2014.


This list may evolve with time, as this is the choice of Steins;Gate.

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